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Adornments for Your Window, Door, Lamp, or Mantel

Window and 4-Way DrapesSimple but elegant touches, all made in the USA, for your windows, doors, lamps, or mantels. Easily cared for with a gentle wash. Change your decor in moments to reflect the theme or season of your choice.


Tea Rose Swag Pair
Tea Rose Valance
Tea Rose Small Tier
Tea Rose Large Tier
Tea Rose Small Panel
Tea Rose Large Panel
Blossom Swag Pair
Blossom Valance
Blossom Small Tier
Blossom Large Tier
Bee Valance
Bee Valance With Trim
Bee Small Tier
Bee Medium Tier
Bee Large Tier
Bee Small Tier With Trim
Bee Medium Tier With Trim
Bee Large Tier With Trim
Bee Small Panel
Bee Medium Panel
Bee Large Panel
Bee Small Panel With Trim
Bee Medium Panel With Trim
Bee Large Panel With Trim
Bee Small Sidelight Panel
Bee Medium Sidelight Panel
Bee Large Sidelight Panel
Bee Extra Large Sidelight Panel
Chelsea Valance
Chelsea Small Tier
Chelsea Medium Tier
Chelsea Large Tier
Chelsea Small Panel
Chelsea Large Panel
Seacoast Valance with Trim
Seacoast Small Tier with Trim
Seacoast Medium Tier with Trim
Seacoast Large Tier with Trim
Seacoast Small Panel
Seacoast Medium Panel
Seacoast Large Panel
Seascape Swag Pair
Seascape Valance
Seascape Small Tier
Seascape Medium Tier
Seascape Large Tier
Seascape Shower Curtain
Leaf Goldenrod 4-Way Drape
Pinecone Swag Pair
Pinecone Valance
Pinecone Small Tier
Pinecone Large Tier
Pinecone Shower Curtain
Woodland Swag Pair
Woodland Valance
Woodland Small Tier
Woodland Large Tier
Woodland Small Panel
Woodland Large Panel
Woodland Patch Valance
Woodland Patch Tier
Welcome Swag Pair
Welcome Valance
Welcome Small Tiers
Welcome Large Tiers
Homespun Valance
Homespun Tier
Homespun Panel
Farmhouse Kitchen Valance
Vintage Pom Pom Valance
Vintage Pom Pom Tier
Rabbit Hollow Swag Pair
Rabbit Hollow Valance
Rabbit Hollow Small Tiers
Rabbit Hollow Large Tiers
Rabbit Hollow Small Panels
Rabbit Hollow Medium Panels
Rabbit Hollow Large Panels
Starfish Valance with Trim
Starfish Small Tiers with Trim
Starfish Medium Tiers with Trim
Starfish Large Tiers with Trim
Starfish Small Panels
Starfish Large Panels
Starfish Small Door Panels
Starfish Medium Door Panels
Starfish Large Door Panels
Starfish Extra Large Door Panels
Starfish Small Sidelights, set of 2
Starfish Medium Sidelights, set of 2
Starfish Large Sidelights, set of 2
Starfish Extra Large Sidelights, set of 2
Starfish Shower Curtain
Lighthouse Swag Pair
Lighthouse Valance
Lighthouse Small Tiers
Lighthouse Medium Tiers
Lighthouse Large Tiers
Lighthouse Small Panels
Lighthouse Large Panels
Prima Eyelet Valance with Trim
Prima Eyelet Small Tiers with Trim
Prima Eyelet Large Tiers with Trim
Prima Eyelet Small Panels
Prima Eyelet Large Panels
Sheer Divine Small Swag Pair
Sheer Divine Large Swag Pair
Sheer Divine Drape Shade
Sheer Divine Valance
Sheer Divine Small Tiers
Sheer Divine Large Tiers
Sheer Divine Small Panels
Sheer Divine Medium Panels
Sheer Divine Large Panels
Sheer Divine Small Door Panels
Sheer Divine Medium Door Panels
Sheer Divine Large Door Panels
Sheer Divine Extra Large Door Panels
Dogwood Swag Pair
Dogwood Valance
Dogwood Small Tiers
Dogwood Large Tiers
Dogwood Small Panels
Dogwood Large Panels
Wind Chill Valance with Trim
Wind Chill Small Tier with Trim
Wind Chill Medium Tier with Trim
Wind Chill Large Tier with Trim
Wind Chill Small Panel with Trim
Wind Chill Large Panel with Trim
Glistsen 4-Way Drape
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